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Manuel Johnson - Fall & Rising 2022 Prophecy Part One!- December 23, 2021

Israel My people receive. My people receive you will see my righteous right arm move on your calendar year of 2022. February there will be a great shaking in which you call the White House a great shape not like you have seen but a greater shakening prepare yourself for which you will hear what you would call the media news of someone dying this year. I have done removals next year will be the great removal, saith the Lord. The Great Removal for I have called this nation by My name because of past covenants that I have not yet walked away.

Mike Thompson - What God Told Me About the Declaration of Independence: Hidden Gems From Heaven - July 4, 2021

I do not believe that the founding instruments the documents of our nation are just contrived by the mind of men. I believe that they were born of inspiration of the Holy Spirit and it’s not only just my conviction and my belief because of something that I choose to believe it is. Also in addition to those things because of an appearance last summer and into the fall the spirit of the Lord caught me away in several encounters. … During a few of those encounters the Lord began speaking to me about what He called spiritual truths nuggets of truth gems from heaven that were inspirationally placed within the hearts of the founders that were actually pinned and put into those founding documents. He told me that established a Covenant with the founders that he still is holding true to you know that when it comes to Covenant that God always initiates he is the one who establishes it just as he did with Abraham. … He comes as God a covenant is between a stronger and a weaker the covenant is to establish protection and provision for the weaker the fledgling nation of the United States of America was weak it was under the governmental power of Great Britain there were 13 colonies at that point the army of Great Britain held order in the United States and the United States needed help from the stronger you cannot find us stronger than God it was not just that within their own hearts that they felt there needed to be a new government or a new nation. It was because they had earnestly sought God in prayer and they knew that if they were ever going to have the freedom that God had promised them. …  

What Covenant?